CurationSoft Content Assistant Review

CurationSoft was created specifically for online publishing professionals, bloggers, news organizations and outsourcing firms who handle content development and marketing work for their clients. There's a huge difference between personal curation, aggregation, and the way publishers and content marketers can do with the help of CurationSoft Content Assistant.

CurationSoft Content Assistant was built to address the specific needs of content marketing professionals, it does things much differently than all the supposed curation sites popping up around the web. It makes researching, finding, vetting, and publishing curated content very easy. And it isn't dependent on a proprietary platform, nor does it put your company at risk by building on a 3rd party platform.

CurationSoft publishes directly to your WordPress or other blog CMS without a middle man. Connecting what you curate to your site isn't an afterthought, as it obviously was for other curation platforms. It is the first thought and purpose for this software when the first version was designed.

CurationSoft Content Assistant have been upgraded in the last 3 months over 7 times. Major upgrades, improvements that gave users significantly more power to do better curation. It's nice to know that the people behind CurationSoft are bloggers and web publishers who understand first-hand what it means to make deadlines and produce content users love and pass around the web. This means that whatever the latest upgrade might be, it was created to help you do your job efficiently and effectively without any extra junk to get in your way.

If you are a serious blog owner, news site editor, or content marketing firm manager, CurationSoft Content Assistant is the application that you and your staff will fire up before you even log into your site for the first time each day. In order to be that important to you, CurationSoft Content Assistant constantly developing new sources to give you the best results and the best performing, time-saving curation application in existence.