DIY Computer Repair

Not everybody knows how to take apart a computer and do things on the inside. Not everybody knows how to get maintain the computer, repair it, or optimize it. The problem is, those who don't know how to do this mess either find themselves getting screwed over by a computer tech guy... or looking around the Web for a good while, trying to find somewhat intelligible among complicated content.

Definitely, not all computer guys are out to screw you. But, the moment you find out for yourself just how easy is to repair your own PC, you'll always think that the rates of a computer guys are overstated. When you are able to repair your own PC you will realize that... it isn't that difficult, really.

Monte Russell has been a computer repair guy for 20 years. As he said, 85% of all computer repair jobs anyone can complete in 15 minutes or less. And a brand new edition of Monte's computer repair manual - Self Computer Repair Unleashed! Manual can help a lot. This manual covers everything from optimization, repair, to full-out component installation. Monte has also included a full set of checklists along with the book to guide you through all of these procedures.