SpyZookaSpyZooka's SpyGuard Feature

SpyZooka's SpyGuard feature prevents your computer from getting infected with spyware. When spyware attempts to install itself on computer, SpyGuard stops it and alerts with a small red or yellow popup in the bottom right corner of their computer screen. You will see a red popup displayed when a known threat attempts to install itself on their computer. These programs have been identified as spyware.

You will see a yellow popup when an unknown program attempts to run on their computer. You can read the description of the program and decide if you want it or not. These popups give you the choice to allow or deny the program from installing itself on their computer. You can prevent SpyGuard from alerting them about this threat in the future by choosing "Remember this action" and click Allow or Deny.

You can view programs that are always allowed or always denied in the SpyZooka SpyGuard screen. It is possible to remove the programs from the list at any time. Important: SpyZooka must be running from task bar for SpyGuard to run.

Why SpyZooka Guarantees 100% Spyware Removal

Sometimes people are confused about SpyZooka's exclusive 100% spyware removal guarantee. The reason the guarantee is important is because no anti-spyware software has all spyware in it's database. The top rated anti-spyware software, like SpyZooka, removes 90% of spyware at best.

The last time PC World magazine tested anti spyware software they reported: "In detecting actively running adware and spyware samples, ... tied for first place, catching 90 percent of our test set."

It is impossible to know about all spyware because there is so much of it released every day on the Internet. What's even worse are spyware makers that make slight changes to their spyware programs to avoid detection. Each time a change is made to the spyware SpyZooka must develop new definitions in order to remove the threat.

That's why SpyZooka gets its database in three independent ways for maximum efficiency. A robot which surfs the Internet 24/7 downloading and analyzing new spyware. Real live human researches. And analysis of customer reports. Even after all this, customers may still have spyware on their PC that was just released. That's why SpyZooka makes it simple for them to get free updates.