Windows Repair Kit

Windows Repair KitThe Windows Repair Kit software program is intended to repair the troubles that reside in the Windows Operating system. Regardless of the difficulty a Windows user is experiencing, the root cause is a discrepancy in the file settings of your computer. Many of these Windows problems can arise from registry errors, but also drivers for your hardware, file extensions, shortcuts and even missing files after you have uninstalled a program.

The Windows Repair Kit works by scanning files in your Windows system looking for broken paths, wrong settings, files in the wrong drive sectors and a host of other areas that cause Windows to crash or just plain not work very well.

Using an Intelliscan Technology of comparison data, the Windows Repair Kits scans your Windows system looking for errors while also taking into account the different characteristics of your computer and the software you have installed on it. The Windows Repair Kit is a free download. This allows you to run a diagnostic scan on your system to check for serious errors without having to pay for the software.