Micro Niche Finder Keyword Software

Micro Niche Finder Keyword SoftwareThe key to making money on the internet is a two step process called 'Divert and Convert'. Every profit seeking website on the internet uses this process (whether they realize it or not).

Step 1: Divert Traffic from one location (point A) to another (point B).

Step 2: Convert the diverted traffic from Step 1 into Profit.

There are many different ways to divert traffic including:

- Pay Per Click
- Article Marketing
- Press Releases
- Links from Other Websites
- Affiliate Promotions
- Email Lists

Likewise, there are many ways to convert this diverted traffic into profit including:

- Promoting Affiliate Products
- Hosting Content Network Ads (like Adsense)
- Building an Email List (which you can then use to promote products)
- Selling Your Own Product
- Pay Per Action
- Pay Per Lead

There are almost an unlimited number of combinations of divert and convert techniques that you can use to make a profit. All you have to do is figure out a winning combination and you will make money - guaranteed.

This may sound a bit simplistic but "Divert and Convert" really is all you need to know to make money on the internet. Everything else is just window dressing.

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