Traffic Travis - Free SEO Software

Traffic Travis - Free SEO and PPC SoftwareDo you have your own website? If you do, then there is a good chance that you want to get high rankings in the search engines. The great news is that there is a powerful software tool called Traffic Travis that makes it so much easier to get high rankings inthe search engines and gives you extra powerful tools for dominating ppc as well.

And today Traffic Travis 3.0 was launched and here are just some of it's many great features:

Page Analysis
What this feature does is simulates an SEO expert having a look at your webpages and tells you what you are doing right, and what you are doing wrong. Traffic Travis will analyze your webpages, and then give you the solutions for improving your on-page SEO.

Keyword Finder
A cutting edge keyword finder tool so you'll ensure that you have a great number of relevant keywords.

Keyword Sorter
An essential keyword sorter tool that enables you to categorize extremely large lists of keywords into targetted adgroups for PPC purposes.

Position Ranking
Keeps a daily, weekly or monthly record of exactly where your website is ranked for any search term. It does this on all of the top search engines, Google, Yahoo, MSN Live, Ask and Altavista). This is very important so that you can see if your rankings rise or fall due to work you are doing.

Top Sites for Keywords
Find out all the top sites that are ranking in the search engines for the various keywords that you are interested in. This is a great way of finding your top competitors so that you can analyze them further for constructing your own high profit strategy.

Backlinks to Site
Shows you exactly who is linking to you (and also who is linking to your competitors). By using this tool to find out who are linking to your competitors, you can find great sites to buy/trade links from.

Project Report
Generate graphs and reports on your search engine rankings and more. Also use this tool to analyze your competition.

Discover how many advertisers are advertising on each keyword and how much this data changes over time. This way you'll know which are the money keywords.

Top Sites for Keywords
Find out which competitors are placing the most ads (and exactly how many ppc ads) in your niche. This is a great way of finding out who your main competitors are.

Most popular keywords
Use this tool to find out if your competitors are still bidding on the same keywords periodically in the future (tip: this is a great way of spotting high profit keywords!)

Websites Keyword list
Find out exactly what keywords each of your competitors are bidding on in PPC.

And there is a lot more, but you'll have to download and start using Traffic Travis 3.0 right now.