What is spyware?

Spyware is software that collects personal information from you without your knowledge or permission. The information spyware collects can range from all the Web sites you visit to sensitive information including user names and passwords. You could become vulnerable to spyware if you download music from file-sharing programs, free games from sites you don't trust, or even when you surfing on net.

Some warning signs that your PC is infected with SpyWare and AdWare:

- Your PC is running much slower than usual
- You're bombarded by pop-ups non-stop as you surf the Net
- Your home page has mysteriously changed
- You're receiving more spam emails than ever before
- New icons appear on your desktop

Spyware, Adware, Viruses and Trojans are currently the #1 threat to computer and internet security. These programs can cause your computer to crash and send devious companies your personal info (including your credit card #.) If you are pestered by those horrible Popup ads or your computer is running slow, it is almost certain that Spyware is installed on your computer. In fact, simply being online puts you at risk. CNN reported that over 90% of ALL computers connected to the internet are infected with these Spyware programs. We have test some good anti spy / virus removal software - try it!