Effectiveness of MemAgent Memory Leak Software

Effectiveness of MemAgent Memory Leak SoftwareMemory optimization software works by removing old and unneeded data and improving the area that is free, thus ensuring there is no conflict of memory allocation space.

A computer’s memory is similar to the human brain’s memory in that it is used to store, preserve and recall data when needed. However, computer memory can gradually become cluttered by old and unused files, clusters and image pieces taking up vital parts of the RAM (random access memory). This is a gradual process that happens over time, gradually slowing down processes and applications on your computer. Before long, regular crashes are experienced as programs reach for a specific part of the RAM, only to find it is already occupied by old and unnecessary data.

MemAgent is a highly acclaimed memory optimization software that, once installed, works in the background to clean up memory and get rid of unnecessary files. It also promises to noticeably improve your computer’s speed while greatly reducing the likelihood of crashes and freezes. John Bishop, Director of MemAgent, says that memory issues are a cause of huge irritation and stress for many people. “Most of the time they don’t even realize that cluttered memory is the fundamental problem behind their computer’s repeated failures,” Bishop says, “MemAgent is a simple way to get your computer working again like it is supposed to.”

MemAgent has very few minimum requirements before it can be installed on your computer. You need to have Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000 or XP, Pentium 90MHz, and 4MB RAM. It is a very small application – in order not to take up more of your RAM! – and has been designed to work very efficiently.

Technophobes will be comforted to learn that MemAgent is extremely simple to use. Once downloaded, it can be set up on your computer in 5 to 10 minutes. All you are required to do is follow the simple steps. When installed, MemAgent chugs away quietly in the background - greatly reducing the time you spend having awkward technical conversations with the computer repair shop!

Just some of the extra features in the newly released MemAgent Elite version include a windows defragmenter, an ability to scan and optimize internet connection settings, faster processing, and speeded up system start and shut down time. The only downside to MemAgent is that it can’t promise to wipe out crashes altogether. But then again, this does vary from computer to computer, so it could well be a long-term fix for you.

Overall, MemAgent is a well put together program and good value for money. The amount of time it saves you in the first few weeks alone will be well worth the price!