Why My Computer Is Slow

Why My Computer Is SlowThe most likely reason is because of problems in your registry. You need to run a registry repair program, it will instantly fix the majority of the problems that are slowing down your computer quickly and safely.

Another most common problem with computer slowness is needless applications running behind the scenes. Some programs are configured to start automatically when your computer starts. These applications are not always needed, but occupy a portion of your computer's memory which in turn will slow down your computer. To verify what applications start automatically, clicks on the start button, then click on run, then type 'msconfig' and click on OK. Once the Systems Configuration Utility is open, click on the Startup tab. Here you can unselect any programs, this will not remove them from your computer, but will keep them from starting automatically every time you turn your PC on.

If your computer is running slow and you're getting a lot of popup windows, your computer is most likely infected with a virus or spyware. Everybody should have antivirus software installed, updated and running at all times. There are many antivirus software packages, some of them are even free. You should always keep antivirus software updated, and regularly scan your system for viruses. Most antivirus software don't check for spyware, so if your computer is infected by spyware, you should download a specialized anti-spyware software. Once you download and install this software, make sure to run the updates and scan your computer.

Make sure your hard drive is not out of space. If it is, it's a good idea to get an upgrade, or delete some programs and files. Delete all of the temp files, temporary internet files and cookies. When files are stored on your computer's hard drive they are not always stored in the most efficient way and can become fragmented. Fragmented files take a lot longer for your system to open or save. To start the defragmentation utility click on Start then programs -> accessories -> system tools -> disc defragmenter. Defragment all of the drives listed. The defragmentation process can take anywhere from about 5 minutes to a couple of hours, and sometimes needs to be repeated.

Another cause of computer slowness could be a corrupted system file or a bad sector on the hard drive. Bad sectors can corrupt systems files which can slow down your PC or even keep it from running. To check and correct bad sectors run scan disk utility. Also make sure the computer is not overheating or running very warm. Most computer allow air to flow through the computer, this is great for cooling but also causes a lot of dust to accumulate inside of computer case. Dust will cause poor air circulation and might overheat your computer processor. Open up the case of the PC and remove all dust out.