Speed up your computer startup

A few factors can make your computer start up faster. First, find out how much hard drive space is free. If it is less than 1.5 GB, start looking for stuff to delete. Moreover, icons on your desktop can make your computer start up slowly. Make sure that every icon on the screen is a shortcut to a document, picture, program, or whatever. You can put actual programs on the desktop and this can cause real problems on startup. A desktop shortcut is a very small file and takes virtually no time to load and display on the screen. If you actually store an image or program itself on the desktop then you could be loading tons of information just to show it on your screen when a shortcut would have worked better and faster.

One of the biggest enemies to fast computers is the software that starts up automatically when the computer is turned on. Things like Yahoo Messenger, Windows Messenger, and Real Player all do this, among others. Once you install the software, it loads itself every single time the computer is started up. Many times you will not even know that the program is running, as there is no indication except for a tiny little icon in the lower-right corner of your screen called the Task Bar Notification Area.

Are you must have these software programs ready at any moment? Certainly, we do not want to wait for a program to load when we want to use it... Instead it sits there, always ready at a moment's notice. Trouble is, while it is sitting there it is wasting extremely valuable computer resources. Set those programs to not load up when you start the computer. It may be very easy or very difficult, depending on the application. First, try looking in the Startup folder in your programs menu (click Start --> Programs --> Startup) to see what is set to automatically startup. Often, you will not see anything, then, open the program and look in the preferences/options/tools menu for something indicating that you do not want the program to load on startup. As a last choice, hire a qualified computer technician to do it for you correctly.